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SEO is the abbreviation of search engine optimization. Optimizing webpages causes that you have the most score in the results of a great search engine and your site will go on the top pages through searching some special keywords by the contact (or virtual customer), and it going to uploading at the first pages and links over the time to more exposing the contacts and people who are looking for your services for more earning money. Most of the people are using the search engine to catch the favorable article or product and that’s the important point. For instances, many of the people only look at the first pages of the search result on google and yahoo.

There’re some depended items that will take a while until your site sits on the first page and links of Google, such as the consistency of keywords, the race of your intended keywords (how much your rivals focus on these words?), the amount of words’ racing that means how many multiword phrases will have better results and go up faster, owner’s team interaction to making and improving the website and essay content quality as the articles have belonged to owner and codified by him/her (no copy), multiplying the website on the social networks, blogging and more activity on google and anything that causes your site index growth.

Optimizing advantages:

  1. Recognition by google: Optimizing will introduce your website as a standard one to google.
  2. Sitting on google top pages: By using the optimization, your website is going to sit on Google top pages by user’s keyword search.
  3. Attracting virtual customers: When your website offers to the user on Google search, you find out a virtual customer who is looking for your service too.
  4. Increasing review: By sitting your website on Google top pages, you will have more chance to surveying and observing your site by online users and ultimately, the website review will increase.