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A domain is your website internet name and identity which your online contacts and users know you by it. In other words, it’s an exclusive name to specifying a website unique identity on cyberspace and is organized by one or several parts which each of these parts separates by (.)The first section is the address navigate “www”, the second section is a favorable name which you choose (provided that has been not registered by another person or organization and be released) and the last section is the suffix part which has denoted based on international terms and methods and depends on your kind of course activity. There’re a lot of suffixes which the “com” is used for international and commercial items and many other ones.

Suppose that you want to establish a real shop! To do this, you need to buy or rent a suitable place for your shop in addition to choosing a name and materials…! That the same position for an internet shop or website foundation! You must create a favorable area for hosting your web files and information after choosing the name of it (your site domain). A host is an area which your website files and information are hosting there. In reality, your site information must put on one of the hosting computers which connect to the internet 24-hour until the internet users are possible to access them in every time of boarding.

Hosting the information on RAID10 headstock

The extent information saves into the several hard disks contemporary and would not be lost and the services will hang on their operation.

Having an exclusive KVM

To increase the technical managers’ accessibility to the server in a critical situation, the KVM over-IP device is prepared and connected to the server to make direct access possibility to the consul server in the data center in the time of some special situations such as hardware problems and cutting off the server remote access.

Use of Hybrid hard disks

The SSHD is used in hard disks of new servers which provide higher processing speed experience for Web Design Company users.

Using of Gbps1 port

The new servers are stronger bandwidth than previous by using of Gbps1 port and it will prevent the drop of serving quality probability considering the strong hardware sources and higher server bandwidth in case of DOS, DDOS attacks in addition to providing a faster connection with hosted servers and sites.

More RAM and CPU sources allocation

According to have stronger RAM and CPU sources, the performance of Web Design Company presented services will increase observable.

Presenting special services

Considering to Web Design Company customers’ requirements growth and according to the deployed items in base network, we are able to provide a collection of services such as exclusive mailing servers, managed cyber servers for sites which have many transactions, VIP hosts for enjoyed sites and …