1- This convention is included the current Web Design Company engineers group information and terms and it’s performable for any product, service or agreement. This agreement is run by us and is between the engineers who called on it “Web Design Company” as the first part and a person, an institution, an individual or individuals who use the Web Design Company products and called on the agreement “customer” as the second part and it is performable too.

2- Web Design Company engineers group has the right of upgrading this document (included some of Web Design Company services’ change or delete which insert at the following) any time it wants without customers’ awareness and it’s their responsibility to know the last version of this document which is observable in Web Design Company portal terms section.

3- The use of Web Design Company services and products has some of the terms and conditions which are specified by this document and also describes Web Design Company and the subscriber’s promises about each other related to the customer’s used products and services.

4- By the use of services or providing the products, the subscriber agrees to do all of the attachment agreements conditions which are a part of this agreement.

5- Web Design Company services will present to the customer after receiving the mentioned cost and under some of the terms and conditions in this document which are inserted below.

6-1- Preparing Web Design Company engineers main and minor services

6-1-1- All of the actions such as preparing, content installation, system establishment, connection, keeping, connect and disconnect and support be done about the customer’s account if needed.

6-1-2 Any kind of operation or preparation related to web host and domain about the services would be given by Web Design Company, regardless of the time period and whether the cost is been paid or not.

6-2- The cost of services revision, Web Design Company may change the cost of any service with no customer’s prior notice. (Increase or decrease)

6-3- The time period of keeping the operation

It’s possible that Web Design Company has weekly and daily (like support or service) time period of keeping operation which the customer agrees. The customer understands and agrees that some or all of the customers’ service may not be available during the keeping operation.

6-4- Domain

Web Design Company domain services include giving a domain demand to the registrar, which is active for Iran institute for research in fundamental sciences (www.nic.ir). There would be no guaranty that a special request accept, approve and register for a domain from the registrar and Web Design Company refuses any kind of guaranty. The customer understands that each domain name only registers one time. So, it’s the customer’s responsibility for providing the exact information. The customer knows that the cost of other countries’ domain (even their domain refuses) is unreturnable expect Iran because the cost of domain demand only pays for that country’s registrar. Also, he/she understands and accepts that each of a special registrar may require some of the other side costs which would be payable by him/herself.

6-5- The services and products of the third party (real or legal)

The customer accepts that any recommend of employees about the third-party services and products are only related to them, not Web Design Company. It does not ensure the universality and quality of those products and services of the third party and the customer can decide consciously.

6-6- Web Design Company’s right to disconnection and blocking

If the customer violates the content of this document with no attention that accepting this document may violate the other agreements, Web Design Company has the right to refusing from service presentation or disconnecting them based on its personal discretion without the customer’s awareness.

7- Accuracy of information

The subscriber accepts to sharing the true information for Web Design Company by upgrading him/herself info (during the use of Web Design Company services and products) and it uses the customer’s presented info to make a connection with him/her. If the presented information is incorrect, wrong or vague, or Web Design Company has an admissible reason for incompleteness, vagueness or inaccuracy of information, it’s allowable to disconnect the customer’s service and blocking him/her account by its own discretion.

8- Showing the domain position in a released situation is not mean to a released domain to register incidentally and in the other hand, registering a domain in order time, the payment system is not a guaranty for a full registering of the user. Maybe the domain is not released from the registry, or there’s some trouble on Whois request answer or the domain have been registered by another one during registering or paying off the order. In these cases, the disruption or not registered domain will inform to the user and he/she agrees the Web Design Company is inviolate about any kind of loss allegation or legal action because the main problem was related to the domain work system.

9- The customer promises to keep his/her account information and password in safe, also, he/she is responsible for all of the operation which is done by the subscriber’s account. If there’s any kind of illegal usage or violated security, it’s essential to informing Web Design Company. It’s clear that the company does not take any responsibility for using the password or account by other ones or it has done without the user’s awareness. Also, he/she will accept to taking the responsibility of probability loss for this problem. Because of security reasons, the subscriber should keep the access information of the account safe and be careful about not giving the account information, user name, and password to others. Web Design Company refuses any responsibility for these activities with or without the user’s permission by his/her agent or other ones.

10-1- Definition of customer’s misusing

Any kind of customer’s illegal usage according to any kind of damaging to Web Design Company cyber and real systems.

The customer’s misusing includes the use of Web Design Company services in criminal activities (such as unconventional pictures from children and swindling, defacing immaterial property rights, showing vulgar, rude, libelous and minatory topics, use of Web Design Company services to disordering customers’ normal usage, making the spawning processes, consumption of main memory, processor and bandwidth unnecessary, spamming or sending electronic letters (whether disorders the other customers’ serving or not), using or accessing to the information, systems or networks without permission (such as any kind of try to exploring, surviving and testing the network and system blind spot or doing something for security penetrative of Web Design Company exclusive engine or the other sources, (Shell fake uploading and …), sending the connection or …

The customer knows and accepts that his/her misusing will cause cutting the whole Web Design Company services off immediately.


The customer knows that Web Design Company never accepts too much electronic letter or advertising messages on internet network (See spam’s definition), these items include selling or giving any kind of software out via website which facilitates spamming too. Intentional or unintentional spamming causes that Web Design Company cutes all of the customer’s services off immediately and blocks the account or deletes it forever.

10-2-2- Reactivating the account and services of customers who misused (If necessary):

If the customer suspended and Web Design Company wants to finish it, maybe it requires some of the cost for reconnection the services and products before doing this according to its discretion. Also, the customer agrees on Web Design Company’s (includes all of the employees and active or cyber users) immunity from any kind loss or legal action about this suspension and has no responsibility about the payment, because the customer has misused the Web Design Company system according to this document.

10-3- Some of the important items about Abuse violation

We annunciate to all of the dear users of agency and hosting services, and exclusive and cyber servers, according to the current problems about the violations such as spam, torrent, attacks and etc…, if each of the named services violates which reported by data center and follows up by it, would obligate to pay the fine from 10.000T to 50.000T from this time.

With users’ regardless to the violations and more attention of data center about this issue, in case of any kind of violation from the above items, even for once, the service will suspend and back to the normal state after paying the fine which computes by the data center.

Also, we recommend the exclusive and cyber users to block the ways of torrent usage as much as possible and do not never use this service. (Even for personal use)

10-4-Not to use the illegal items

The customer agrees that they do not use the Web Design Company services against the international running laws. If Web Design Company amends some of the actions and deletes the user’s account because of illegal usage from services and products, spamming or amoral items, there would be no returnable money. The amoral items includes accusing, damaging, misusing, threatening, affronting and hurting which are designed for third party and the activities which are against the international laws, something to encouraging the others to such these illegal behaviors and is not determinates to crime, amoral usage of children pictures and … some of activities which remonstrating to a blood or generation and religions, or forging the third party identity, signing in to other computers and networks without permission, emerging internet viruses and reviling others. Some of the activities which cause child abuse. It’s clear that amoral activities do not end to the above items.

10-5- The subscriber’s information

Web Design Company knows the right of unfolding any kind of information for terms and conditions’ performance and generally for legal procedure and governmental, juridical requirement needful. Also, it can the right of edition, rejection, sending or deleting any kind of items or information as generic or partial in any time it wants. If the subscriber provides some services or products, Web Design Company does not force to supervising over his/her usage.

Web Design Company has the right to surveying the services and products used and cancels it optional. It’s allowed to disconnect or block the common accessibility of these items every time, for any reason without awareness.

If the subscriber’s usage causes to any action and the legal threat against Web Design Company, it would be allowed to finish the customer’s serving completely. It also can check all of the accounts for too much use of the area or the bandwidth and in case of seeing this, the subscriber’s service requires an extra cost or cutting off.

11- Disclaiming

Web Design Company is not responsible for none of the indirect or accidental loss such as losing the information and …, even it’s based on the agreement, breaching the guaranty (incident or straight), breaching the convention or side procedures, do not have enough ability in use of these services or losing the information and files because of any reason. Although Web Design Company was warned them about, some kind of responsibility conditions may separate from the above positions and in such situations, Web Design Company responsibility would be limited to law. The customer accepts the maximum reasonable responsible does not get more than your payment for purchased services.

12- The lack of guaranty

Web Design Company will reject any kind of straight or incident guaranty in sales or etc. the services and products present just as they are. It has any kind of guaranty in accordance with that the services provide the customer’s need, the services will not disconnect, they are inerrant or the troubles will be fixed. It also has no guaranty about the services operation accuracy and the results of using do not present.

12-1- The reason for disconnection

The customer knows, accepts and agrees that if Web Design Company understands that he/she refused the content of the document, it has the right to disconnect his/her services immediately. So, it has no liability and the customer admits there’s no allegation about the disconnection, violating the content of this document for Web Design Company.

13-1- For law maximum predicted amount, Web Design Company has no debt (employees, managers, clerks, agents, servitors, advisors, contractors, subsets, dependent persons and each of other individuals (real or legal) who related to creating, producing or giving Web Design Company services out for losing domain name or another personal or commercial loss, decreasing the benefit, increasing the cost, increasing the cost of replaced products, any kind of loss for any kind of reason, side damaging even that’s a possible one from Web Design Company’s advice, A) To cause the use or not use of Web Design Company’ service, or B) Web Design Company’s immigration or relocation or equipment which belonged to the customer or it.

14- Billing period

Sending the customer’s bill out may depend on some of the items such as the date which the customer has become Web Design Company’s subscriber. Preparing the services for a month is a billing period that starts from the first day of the month and will end to the last day on it based on the calendar. This period will repeat from the first day of next month until when the company receives a “cancel request” from the customer (according to the clause of canceling in the document). The first period starts when Web Design Company received the order form for the customer, if it receives the order form in the first day or other days of beginning the month, it’s possible to compute the cost of that month based on the remaining days of that. Web Design Company can changes the billing period according to its discretion without the customer’s awareness, as maybe some of the more or fewer bills going to send out for the customer. The time period that the customer’s account is suspended also will compute in the billing period.

14-1- Payment receipt

The customer has to make sure that the bill cost has paid completely off before beginning each of the first bill or others. He/she is responsible for being sure about the cost receiving to the company before expire time. Web Design Company may decide to not presenting the services before receiving the whole bill cost.

14-2- Payment ways

The acceptable ways of paying are check, cash payment, acceptable bank account for a cash deposit, credit card and paying off by Paypal. The customer should send the check or cash payment to the mentioned address on the Web Design Company website. Also, the customer has to only deposit the cost to the mentioned bank accounts on the website.

14-3- If the company does not receive the customer’s due by the determinate ways for products and services, if the customer paid off by the credit card and the company does not receive it, all means that he/she agrees to be followed up by law to pay off. Because of paying off the due, Web Design Company is allowed to block or cancel the service immediately without warning.

14-4- All of the host services and domains are annual which did not mention on the agreement and the customer knows the host and domain packages are needful for staying the website on the top. While the service does not extend, Web Design Company has no responsibility for keeping the website info and content.

15- Assignment and customer’s agent

15-1- Assignment

All of the parties’ rights (the customer and the company), force the parties heirs, executors and managers under the document’s content. However, it’s impossible that the customer assigns her/his rights, order forms, and agreements which dealt between the parties as complete or in part, without Web Design Company’s written permission.

15-2- The main party

The customer agrees to force and responsible as the main party of the document, even if there’s an agreement or deal that includes the order form for domain or website hosting services or customer’s agent.

16- Age

16-1- The customer admits that he/she is 18 years old at least.

16-2- The customer accepts that each person who is younger and less than 18 years (underage) should have a parent to make the deal.

16-3- The responsibility of the parent

The customer’s parents who accept the content of the document will as the main responsible for performing the entire content such as on-time payment of Web Design Company services.

16-4- The underage’s parent who agrees on the deal, will be as the main responsible even the underage person gets 18 years old, except that they have Web Design Company written agreement.

16-5- Invalid admission (Fail)

Any kind of admission from the person who is less than 18 years (underage) is invalid and the agreement of between the company and the underage is failed, as Web Design Company is immune from any kind of responsibility which includes the age, the lack of lawful competence or the underage’s use from the services.

17- Force major, unpredictable

The customer understands and agrees that Web Design Company has to guaranty for delaying the deal perform, order form and the other Web Design Company services’ agreements which causes to some out of control happenings such as natural disasters, general anarchy, and …