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Choosing the right colour combinations through is crucial to making a successful website.

Whether created by a specialised web design company or the individual, having the right colour arrangement on your websites crucial in achieving an expert. If your website is not attractive to its viewers, they will miss the content of the page or even leave the site all together and opt for a more desirable alternative.

Colour Philosophy Explained

Making a website starts with understanding the theory behind colour schemes. Colour schemes begin by examining the colour wheel.

where we find three colour groupings: primary colours, secondary colours, and tertiary colours. Using this wheel, colour theory then stratifies the colours. Primary colours are red, yellow, and blue; they cannot be created by mixing other colour combinations. However, the primary colours themselves can be mixed to form now colours, which are secondary colours. Tertiary colours are created from mixing secondary colours.

Colour model dictates how colours can be combined for optimal use and allure, which will vary depending on the format and content of the website itself. Selecting colours for a website necessitates choosing colour combinations which are sober and harmonious to the eye. The simplest method in selecting colour combinations is by mixing comparable colours to see if they work well together. Colours can be w w but should not be too bright, too dark, or distract from the content.

Does colour choice really matter?

The importance of colour design stems from the significance of colour to the human attention. Colour creates ideas, expresses messages, spark interest, and generate certain emotions. Bright colours tend to set a happy and positive mood, whereas dark colours tend to project the opposite. Within the psychology of colours, warm colours show excitement, optimism, and creativity; cool colours symbolize peace, calmness, and harmony.

Choosing colours for a website is not about just choosing colours that you like- the colours should strengthen the website and branding of the business. Colours that work well individually may not be as pleasing together as they are individually. By considering colour combination as both a science, seeing how colours work together literally, and as an art, by seeing what colours symbolize and how they are evaluated internally and emotionally, the correct colour combination for your website design can be achieved.